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Habitat Loss

Habitat destruction is the issue most often cited for the problems now facing Florida wildlife. Wildlife habitat has declined and even disappeared during the past 100 years as natural lands were converted to agriculture, range lands, and expanding urban areas. During the mid-20th century, Florida lost more than seven million acres of forest and herbaceous wetlands to development. In recent decades, Florida’s massive population growth and booming tourism industry have disturbed and fragmented many natural areas across the state. Estimates based on current growth rates suggest Florida could lose an additional seven million acres of rural and natural lands to urban uses within the next 50 years.


For more information about the potential effects of habitat loss in Florida, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Wildlife 2060 website.


To learn about the history of habitat loss in Florida, check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Report, Florida Vegetation 2003 and Land Use Change Between 1985-89 and 2003.

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