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The Nature Conservancy - Maine Field Office

The Nature Conservancy in Maine is one of Maine’s leading conservation organizations. Established more than 50 years ago, the Maine program has an impressive history of success. We have protected more than one million acres of Maine’s natural treasures, including vast tracks of mountain forests and more than 100 coastal islands.

Rugged and beautiful, the Maine landscape has captured people’s hearts and imaginations for generations. Respect for these lands and waters is handed down from father to son and from grandmother to granddaughter. Yet today, no place on Earth remains unaltered.

From the expanding communities of southern Maine to the remote reaches of the great North Woods, Maine is experiencing profound changes that are leaving indelible marks on its places, resources, wildlife and people.

Some regard these changes as overwhelming challenges. We see them as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. At stake are many of Maine's most remote and wild treasures: untouched lakes and ponds, uninhabited coastal islands, irreplaceable wetland habitats, surging rivers and mountains that overlook unbroken forests from horizon to horizon.

TNC Programs and Initiatives in Maine

  • TNC Ecoregional Priorities in Maine

    Working across the country with numerous partners, The Nature Conservancy establishes conservation goals and priorities as part of a ranking process that assesses global habitats and identifies high-priority ecological regions. These analyses develop and disseminate finer-scale data on a variety of measures: the distribution and status of biodiversity, the habitat condition, current and future threats, and important sociopolitical conditions influencing regional conservation success.

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