Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Our Mission

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' mission is to serve as the "voice for fish and wildlife" by helping to foster a deep appreciation and understanding for the public management and conservation of the natural communities that represent the diversity of North America--fish, wildlife, and their habitats.

Our Approach

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies serves as the "voice for fish and wildlife agencies" through:

  • The cultivation of more friendly relations among those officially engaged in the conservation of our natural resources, and especially the efforts of public administrative agencies responsible for the protection, preservation and management of the fish, wildlife, forests, waters and soils of North America;
  • The distribution of information to help foster a public understanding and appreciation of the economic and ethical importance of conserving the forests, waters and soils, and wisely manage our fish and wildlife as part of natural and managed ecosystems, and as a source of recreation and food for our citizens;
  • The promotion of fish and wildlife management, and to investigate and advise with respect to the introduction of new species and varieties of fish and wildlife;
  • The encouragement of a healthy public sentiment in favor of better laws to protect our natural resources; to assist in the enactment of laws for the adequate protection and management of these natural resources; to encourage cooperation among agencies responsible for our natural resources; and to correct irregularities and inconsistencies in existing laws;
  • Assistance for the duly constituted authorities in enforcing laws for the protection of natural resources, including fish and wildlife and their habitat; and
  • Leadership in taking all such legal and other proper actions to further the cause of maintaining an adequate supply of fish and wildlife and other natural resources in North America.

AFWA Initiatives

  • State Wildlife Action Plans

    Taken together, the State Wildlife Action Plans offer a unique and comprehensive framework for viewing the wildlife, habitat, and conservation needs at a national scale. Each of the plans focus on practical, proactive measures to conserve and restore important lands and waters, curb establishment of invasive species, and address other pressing conservation needs.

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Success Stories from the State Wildlife Action Plans

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Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
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