Conserving the Olive-backed Pocket Mouse by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The olive-backed pocket mouse is a Tier 1 species in Colorado’s wildlife action plan because it could be imperiled by rapid development of its natural habitat, but little is known about the species in the state. To address this significant shortfall in information, the Colorado Division of Wildlife directed $26,000 in State Wildlife Grants Program funds toward a project, led by a University of Northern Colorado researcher, to determine the olive-backed pocket mouse’s range and population trends in Colorado. 

The vital information provided by this study will help the Colorado Division of Wildlife and its partners take proactive actions to conserve the olive-backed pocket mouse before it declines to a level that might require costly protections under the Endangered Species Act. This proactive effort is just one way Colorado’s wildlife action plan will help this growing state conserve wildlife and the places they live for future generations.

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