Restoring Native Vegetation Vital to Migratory Birds by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Restoring native vegetation is an important aspect of Florida’s wildlife action plan. Hurricane Charley provided the state with a unique restoration opportunity in 2004 by knocking down thousands of non-native Australian pines. 

After the hurricane, the city of Sanibel re-established over 200 acres of diverse wildlife habitat at Bowman's Beach Park by completely removing the remaining non-native Australian pines and replanting the full range of native vegetation. Over 21,000 trees and shrubs of 70 native species were replanted, including strangler fig, gumbo limbo, and mahogany trees that provide exceptional food for migratory songbirds.

This restoration project will allow citizens to experience the tens of thousands of warblers, vireos, orioles, and tanagers that migrate through every spring and fall.

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