Collaborating for Gunnison Sage-grouse Conservation by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The survival of the Gunnison sage-grouse, a Tier 1 species in Colorado’s wildlife action plan, largely depends on its fate in the Gunnison Basin, home to three-quarters of its population. Numerous State Wildlife Grants-funded projects are completing priority conservation actions outlined in the wildlife action plan. 

Colorado Audubon has created a citizen volunteer corps to monitor habitat conditions in the Gunnison Basin and to improve habitat on other public and private lands. Colorado State University will create a habitat guide to help private and public land managers adapt their grazing and land management practices to benefit sage-grouse. Conservation easements now protect nearly 4,000 acres of high quality sage-grouse habitat. These cooperative actions involving the public, private conservation groups, sportsmen, landowners and federal land managers will help the Gunnison sage-grouse survive on a working landscape, without the costly disruptions that would come with an endangered species listing.


Photo: Gunnison sage-grouse/Colorado Division of Wildlife

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