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Southern Rockies Network of Conservation Areas

The Southern Rockies Network of Conservation Areas is the geographic component to our Wildlands Network Vision. The Wildlands Network Vision is a science-based plan that provides an ambitious but practical approach to protecting networks of land in the Southern Rockies to maintain and restore native biological diversity in this spectacular region.  The Southern Rockies Wildlands Network Vision is only the first step towards a working, living and changing plan for the Southern Rockies.  This vision is a blueprint for healing the wounds of the Southern Rockies. It includes:
  • A Description of Wildland Network Designs
  • The Human and Natural Landscapes of the Southern Rockies
  • Ecological Wounds of the Southern Rockies
  • Mission and Goals of a Wildlands Network Vision
  • A Conservation Vision for the Southern Rockies.

To download the report, click here.

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