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Plants and Animals in Colorado

Colorado hosts an amazing array of species, especially given its temperate climate: about 750 vertebrates, more than tens of thousands invertebrates and over 3,000 native plant species.

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  • Featured Plants in Colorado

    There are over five hundred rare and imperiled plant species in Colorado. In some cases, these species are naturally rare, usually because they are adapted to habitats that are rare and geographically restricted. Other species were once more common, but have declined in abundance, geographic range, or both. There are a number of species that are endemic to Colorado, and do not occur in any other place. Some of these species, especially in higher elevations, are relicts from earlier geologic periods when climatic conditions and habitats were different. Some of the highest priority rare plants are featured below. Visit CNHP's website for additional information.

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  • Featured Animals in Colorado

    The iconic, the rare, and the just plain interesting. Read on for an overview of some of Colorado's most notable animals.

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  • Conserving Plants and Animals in Colorado

    There are many partnerships and conservation efforts that are focused on Colorado's at-risk species. Follow the links below to learn more.

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  • Species Lists from Colorado

    Legal protections are afforded to Colorado's at-risk animals via the federal Endangered Species Act, and the state [[need name]] Act. Currently the only legal protections afforded Colorado's rare plants is via the ESA. However, the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative is seeking to secure legal protection for Colorado's rarest plants at the state level. Read on to learn more.

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