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Rocky Mountain Wild

Rocky Mountain Wild was created by the merger of two of Colorado’s most trusted and effective conservation organizations, Center for Native Ecosystems and Colorado Wild. Recognizing the need to stem dramatic losses of native species and habitat, these organizations joined forces to protect, connect and restore wildlife and wild lands of our region.

Rocky Mountain Wild has a long and rich history.  Our staff shares 108 years of conservation experience and has protected over 2 million acres of wildlife habitat.  Moving forward, our team of biologists, policy experts, legal analysts, geographers and mapping specialists will maintain our defense of biodiversity in the Rocky Mountain West by:

- Preserving core habitat to conserve the diversity of native species

- Restoring wildlife migration corridors bisected by highways and development

- Advocation for a sustainable and ecologically-responsible ski industry

- Developing solutions to help wildlife survive in a warming world

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Rocky Mountain Wild Programs

  • Habitat Connectivity

    In an effort to focus conservation efforts on areas of Colorado that provide important connectivity functions for native wildlife, the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project (now part of Rocky Mountain Wild), partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, The Nature Conservancy, and Colorado State University on the "Linking Colorado's Landscapes" project.

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