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Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Our Focus

CNHP identifies and describes areas of statewide and global conservation significance and educates decision makers regarding the impacts of various land use options.

Our Mission

To preserve the natural diversity of life by contributing the essential scientific foundation that leads to lasting conservation of Colorado's biological wealth.

Professional Services

Biological Inventory and Research

CNHP's biologists are actively involved in conducting inventories, research, and monitoring throughout the state, focusing on rare and imperiled plants, animals, and natural communities.  Our clients and partners rely on our team of botanists, zoologists, and ecologists who have over 50 years of experience documenting and analyzing Colorado's irreplaceable biological resources to help them make well informed conservation decisions. 

Conservation Planning

By actively planning for conservation, communities, land managers, and others can develop effective strategies to reach their conservation goals.  CNHP planning staff are available to help convene stakeholder meetings, coordinate protection and conservation activities, and help turn planning goals and objectives into real conservation action. 

Data Management and Mapping

CNHP provides professional data management and mapping services to many federal, state, and local agencies, as well as citizens and consultants.  These services include customized data management, GIS/Mapping and spatial modeling, and website/internet services.  Our IT professionals customize databases, spreadsheets, and other natural resource data products to fit the needs of our clients and partners.  CNHP's clients often require customized maps, digital data layers, habitat modeling, and other types of spatial analyses to assist them with making informed decisions.  CNHP also designs and maintains customized public and private/protected websites, including graphics, database incorporation, and FTP.

Visit our website at for additional information or to download data, reports, and publications.

CNHP Projects and Initiatives

  • Colorado Biodiversity Scorecard

    Conservationists and planners need methods to identify priority areas for conservation, information on how to characterize the relative importance, quality, and urgency of these areas (inform conservation strategies), and a means to measure conservation success on a regional or statewide basis over time. In order to assist the Colorado office of The Nature Conservancy with their "Measures of Success" program, and to provide biodiversity status information to other organizations in Colorado, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program has developed a prototype analysis of the status of Colorado's biodiversity, using a "scorecard" approach.

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  • Colorado Natural Heritage Program Potential Conservation Areas

    Colorado's Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) assist citizens and land managers conserve at-risk species and natural communities around known occurrences of these biological resources by focusing on the ecological processes (such as fire, hydrology, etc.) necessary to support them.

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Quick Facts

Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Colorado State University, 8002 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-8002

Contact Information

Phone: (970) 491-1309
Fax: (970) 491-3349


Founded in: 1979

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