Environmental Law Institute

Environmental Law Institute

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) makes law work for people, places, and the planet. As an internationally recognized, non-partisan research and education center working to strengthen environmental protection by improving law and governance worldwide, the Institute has played a pivotal role in shaping the fields of environmental law, policy, and management, domestically and abroad.

The Institute delivers insightful and impartial analysis to opinion makers, including government officials, environmental and business leaders, academics, members of the environmental bar, and journalists. ELI serves as both a clearinghouse and a town hall, providing common ground for debate on important environmental issues.

The Institute’s Research and Policy group produces research reports and policy recommendations on critical areas of environmental governance. ELI's work is primarily focused on protecting water resources, land, and biodiversity and improving environmental law and its implementation in the U.S. and internationally. Capacity building programs for public officials, judges, citizens, and factory managers are a large part of ELI’s agenda.

The Institute advances innovation and pragmatic solutions to environmental challenges through its Publications and Associates group, publishing periodicals, electronic newsletters, and books on environmental law and policy. ELI educates and builds bridges among the various environmental stakeholders through their membership programs, which convene environmental professionals from all sectors and administer seminars on timely topics presented by leading experts and practitioners.

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