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Colorado State Parks

Attracting over 11 million visitors per year, Colorado's 42 State Parks are a vital cornerstone in Colorado's economy and quality of life, offering some of the highest quality outdoor recreation destinations in the state.

We aim to provide a spectrum of safe, quality recreation experiences for our visitors while effectively managing the natural resources under our authority. We provide these services through the following statewide programs

  • Boating Program: Provides customer service for boat registrations in the State of Colorado, boating safety courses and information, accident reporting, and more.
  • OHV Program: Information about OHV registrations, grants, safety, where to ride and more.
  • Snowmobile Program: Information about snowmobile registrations, grants, safety, where to ride and more.
  • Colorado State Parks Volunteer Program: Organizing volunteer services for all Colorado State Parks.
  • Trails Program: Working to develop a statewide network of trails to provide recreation, link open space, and provide access to public lands.
  • Natural Areas Program: Working to preserve some of the finest examples of Colorado's original and unique landscapes.
  • Resource Stewardship Section: Caring for wildlife and natural resources in Colorado State Parks, and providing statewide leadership in ecosystem management.
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund: Administration of LWCF state matching grants in the State of Colorado.
  • River Outfitter Licensing: Regulates licensed river outfitters for the State of Colorado, and administers the annual licensing program.

Statewide Programs

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