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Boreal Toad

Excerpts from Colorado Division of Wildlife Species Profile.   Click here for the full profile, including range map.


The boreal toad is Colorado's only alpine species of toad. Females generally grow to 11 centimeters and males to 9 centimeters. Both sexes appear warty and usually have a light stripe along the middle of the back. Juveniles may have red warts.


Distribution of the boreal toad is restricted to areas with suitable breeding habitat in spruce-fir forests and alpine meadows. Breeding habitat includes lakes, marshes, ponds, and bogs with sunny exposures and quiet, shallow water.

Conservation Status



The species occurs throughout most of western North America, from southeastern Alaska to northern Baja California, Utah and northern New Mexico. The distinct Southern Rocky Mountain population is distributed from southern Wyoming to southern Colorado, and is currently believed to be extirpated from northern New Mexico. In Colorado, the boreal toad is distributed throughout the Rockies from the northern state border to Mineral and Hinsdale counties in the south at elevations between 7,500 and 12,000 feet.

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