Often also referred to as a “drainage basin,” a watershed is a region of land where rainfall and snowmelt drains into a stream, lake, or river system.

Watersheds provide both a level of organization for landscapes and a scale for understanding their natural hydrological patterns. By extension, they also form an extremely useful unit for organizing human activities and managing lands as well as waters.

Featured Watersheds

  • Apalachicola River Basin

    Though it faces threats from afar, the Apalachicola River Basin is a national hotspot of biodiversity with well over 1,000 native plants and animals and numerous endemic species that exist only in this region.

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  • Clinch River Valley

    The nation's leading hotspot of aquatic diversity lies amidst the ancient Appalachian ridges of southwest Virginia's Clinch River Valley, where the fast-flowing Clinch and Powell rivers provide habitat for dozens of rare fish and mussels.

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