Geotagging Photos

If your camera doesn’t automatically insert GPS coordinates into your digital files, there are a few ways to tag your photos manually. The following methods use map-based software that allows you to drag and drop your images onto a location, writing the associated coordinates into the image file. Each option is free and fairly easy to learn.

Google Earth and Geotagger

  1. Download the applications at:
  2. Open Google Earth.
  3. Search for, zoom into and center your location.
  4. Drop the photo associated with that location onto the Geotagger icon.
  5. Use a photo browser to check that the coordinates are in the photo’s metadata. (You may need to adjust your preferences to make GPS metadata visible.)
  6. Use a photo browser to add the rest of the metadata to your image.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools (Windows only)

  1. Download the application at:
  2. Open Microsoft Pro Photo Tools
  3. Drag and drop jpegs from another browser into the MPPT Image window. (The thumbnails you see in the image window represent the originals that still live in their normal folder.)
  4. Click the Map Browse tab at top of the Image Window.
  5. Choose one or more of your thumbnails (Now at bottom of map).
  6. Use the buttons to locate and zoom as close to your location as possible. (Or enter a city, address, place, river, etc in the Search box at the bottom and click Search.)
  7. Drag the thumbnail onto that point on the map. (Multiple images from one spot can be separated by right clicking on the red marker on the map.)
  8. The GPS data will be added automatically to the metadata for the image(s).
  9. Click on the “thumbnails” tab at top of the map to ensure that each thumbnail has a globe icon on it, indicating that it has been geotagged.
  10. “File/save” the image and proceed to add additional metadata.
  11. Select individual or multiple thumbnails.
  12. Add Metadata in the Task Panel on the left by typing into appropriate boxes. (To see a larger version of the image, click on the thumbnail in thumbnail window).
  13. Use task list at far left to enter metadata to: keyword, description, copyright, website metadata fields.
  14. “File/save” the image.

Note: The exclamation point icon will appear whenever you’ve added new georeference or metadata without saving

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