Living Lands

Living Lands

Living Lands is a Defenders of Wildlife project to increase the capacity of local land trusts to protect, enhance and restore native wildlife habitat and biodiversity. The project assists land trusts in making strategic decisions about

  • where to work to conserve high priority native species and habitats, and
  • how to use effective land stewardship to restore and manage native habitats for long-term benefit.

The end result is better protection for wildlife and biodiversity and greater support for land trusts through increased funding, community support, and security from litigation.

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Success Stories from Living Lands

  • Using Conservation Forestry to Preserve a Legacy

    by Donna Alexander
    In 1995, a grand discovery was made on a hidden 3,000-acre tract within the vast 110-mile forested corridor of southeastern Kentucky's Pine Mountain. The landscape level effort to protect one of the state's largest contiguous blocks of forestland hinges on both land acquisition and conservation forestry easements.

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  • Blending Ranching and Wildlife Conservation

    by Living Lands
    Bill Bramlette and his family have grazed livestock on their 900-acre ranch in eastern California since the 1920s. When he approached the Eastern Sierra Land Trust about placing a conservation easement on his land, the stage was set to combine landscape-scale habitat conservation with active cattle ranching to protect a wealth of cultural, historic and natural resources.

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  • Engaging Communities In Conservation

    by Joe Kane
    Faced with a timber company's intention to log a heavily forested ridge along the highway leading to Mount Rainier National Park, Living Landsconvinced them to hold off for three months, and at the eleventh hour won a $1.4 million Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund grant to buy out the clearcut.

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  • Shrubland Habitat Management - Bittersweet Success

    by Laura Mattei
    Never underestimate the determination of oriental bittersweet. That's just one of the many lessons that Sudbury Valley Trustees has learned over the past three years while restoring shrubland habitat at their Cedar Hill Reservation in Northborough, Massachusetts.

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