Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.

Committed to saving imperiled wildlife and championing the Endangered Species Act, Defenders works to protect and restore America’s native wildlife, safeguard habitat, resolve conflicts, work across international borders, and educate and mobilize the public. In doing so, they focus on preserving the health of our nation's rich biological heritage.

Defenders Programs

  • Living Lands

    Living Lands is a Defenders of Wildlife project to increase the capacity of local land trusts to protect, enhance and restore native wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

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  • Conservation Economics

    Defenders' Conservation Economics Program implements on-the-ground research projects designed to identify and value the benefits of wildlife habitat restoration and conservation on agricultural and ranch lands.

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  • Defenders of Wildlife - Florida Office

    The Florida staff of Defenders of Wildlife work to protect the state's diverse wildlife and wildlife habitat, with special focus on saving and recovering endangered species.

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  • National Conservation Easement Database

    The National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) is the first national database of conservation easement information, compiling records from land trusts and public agencies throughout the United States.

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Quick Facts

Defenders of Wildlife
1130 17th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Contact Information

Phone: (202) 682-9400

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