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Rare Plant Conservation Initiative Species List

Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative
Saving Colorado's Wildflowers"
Scientific Name Natural Heritage Program Status Rank Agency Status
Astragalus cronquistii G2/S2 BLM
Astragalus hamiltonii G1/S1 LE
Astragalus iodopetalus G1/S1 BLM
Astragalus naturitensis G1/S1 LE
Astragalus rafaelensis G1/S1  
Astragalus schmolliae G1/S1 C
Crataegus saligna G1G2/S1S2  
Draba smithii G1/S1  
Erigeron wilkenii G1G2/S1S2 FS, BLM
Eriogonum coloradense G2/S2 LE
Eriogonum pelinophilum G1G2/S1S2 LT
Eutrema penlandii G3T2/S1 LT
Hackelia besseyi G1/S1  
Ipomopsis globularis G1/S1 C,FS,BLM
Lesquerella calcicola G1/S1 LT
Lesquerella congesta G2/S2 BLM
Lesquerella parviflora G2/S2 FS, BLM
Lesquerella pruinosa G2/S2 BLM
Lesquerella vicina G2G3/S2S3 BLM
Lomatium concinnum G1/S1 BLM
Lomatium latilobum G2/S2 BLM
Mentzelia densa G2/S2  
Mertensia humilis G2/S1 FS
Mimulus gemmiparus G2/S2  
Opuntia heacockiae G1/S1 FS
Penstemon crandallii ssp. procumbens G1/S1 C
Penstemon fremontii var. glabrescens G1/S1 BLM
Penstemon gibbensii G2/S1  
Penstemon harringtonii G1/S1 LE
Penstemon penlandii G4T1/S1 C
Penstemon teucrioides G1/S1 LE
Phacelia formosula G2T2/S2 C, FS
Physaria alpina G2G3/S2S3  
Physaria bellii G1G2/S1S2 LT
Physaria obcordata G1/S1  
Potentilla rupincola G2/S2 FS, BLM
Sclerocactus glaucus G2/S2 LT
Sclerocactus glaucus G3/S3 LT
Sisyrinchium pallidum G2/S2 LT

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