Thanks to Our Partners

LandScope America relies on the voluntary participation of partners from across America. We extend our thanks to everyone on this ever-growing list, which currently includes more than 140 organizations.

State Pilot Programs
Land Trusts
Special Thanks
National Editorial Panel
LandScope America Project Team
Project Advisory Council
Conservation Organizations and Public Agencies

State Pilot Programs

Natural heritage programs in five pilot states— Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia, and Washington— are playing lead roles in developing the website and compiling content for their states.  

Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado State University (Lee Grunau, Melissa Landon, Michael Menefee, Renee Rondeau)

Florida Natural Areas Inventory, Florida State University (Amber Ignatius, Amy Knight, Gary Knight, Jon Oetting)

Beginning with Habitat — a  collaboration between the Maine Natural Areas Program, Maine Dept. of Conservation (Sarah Demers, Molly Docherty), and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (Steve Walker)

Virginia Division of Natural Heritage, Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (Jason Bulluck, Tom Smith)

Washington Natural Heritage Program, Washington Dept. of Natural Resources (John Gamon, Jack McMillen, Janice Miller)

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The West Hill Foundation for Nature

Knoblach Family Foundation

ExxonMobil Corporation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Wild Resource Conservation Program, Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources,

The Hershey Company

National Parks Conservation Association

U.S. National Park Service

The Meadows Foundation

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Land Trusts

Land trusts in the five pilot states have collaborated with us to provide stories, photos, and insights about their work. Thanks especially to the following collaborators for their time, enthusiasm, and good conservation work:

Colorado: Aspen Valley Land Trust, Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, Colorado Open Lands, Estes Valley Land Trust, Legacy Land Trust.

Florida: Alachua Conservation Trust, Conservation Trust for Florida, Indian River Land Trust 

Maine: Kennebec Estuary Collaboration, Kittery Land Trust, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Quoddy Regional Land Trust.

Virginia: New River Land Trust, Piedmont Environmental Council, Valley Conservation Council, Virginia Eastern Shore Land Trust.

Washington: Capitol Land Trust, Cascade Land Conservancy, Columbia Land Trust, Jefferson Land Trust, Nisqually Land Trust, Whatcom Land Trust.

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Special Thanks

LandScope America reflects the vision of Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. for advancing conservation of our nation’s natural heritage. We are deeply grateful to the West Hill Foundation for Nature for its generous philanthropic support for this project. 

Thanks to our partners at the Land Trust Alliance, especially Renee Kivikko and Rob Aldrich, for their efforts to connect this project to the needs of land trusts. And thank you to the 180 land trust staff and volunteers across the country who gave us invaluable feedback that helped shape this project from the outset.

Our collaboration with National Geographic Maps was essential to the inception and fruition of LandScope America, especially the invaluable leadership of Allen Carroll, Frank Biasi, and Miriam Stein.

Thanks to The Nature Conservancy for providing data on its ecoregional plans, protected areas, and other content topics, and to many staff at the Conservancy—both in the Worldwide Office in Arlington and the state chapters in Colorado, Florida, Maine, Virginia, and Washington—for their assistance with content development.

Numerous individuals invested their interest in and support for LandScope America's progress, including: Gina LaRocco, Katie Theoharides, Sara Vickerman, and Aimee Weldon of Defenders of Wildlife; Andrew duMoulin, Breece Robertson, Matthew Shaffer, and Matt Zieper of The Trust for Public Land; Jim Strittholt and Tosha Comendant of the Conservation Biology Institute; Kim Herman and Deb Kraus of the Natural Areas Association; Dave Chadwick (previously) and Mark Humpert of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies; John Cecil of the National Audubon Society; Dave Theobald of the Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory; Larry Orman of Green Info Network; Peter Szabo, Principal, Bloomingdale Management Advisors; and Chris Sawyer of the West Hill Foundation for Nature.

Special thanks to Bruce Stein, previously Vice President for Science at NatureServe and now with the National Wildlife Federation, who led the project through much of its concept design and development phases, and continues to provide insight as a member of the National Editorial Panel.

Thanks to the team at Blue Raster for their exceptional work on the map viewer and other aspects of the website, especially Stephen Ansari, Carolyn Borton, and Michael Lippmann.

Thanks to the team at Navigation Arts for their outstanding work on the website design, development, and branding, especially Tom Hoover, Doug Brashear, Terry Hudson, John Lodge, and Leo Mullen, and the technology team of David Mead, Tim Stephens, Daren Arnold and Ralph Saunders.

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National Editorial Panel

The National Editorial Panel provides review, oversight, and counsel on all aspects of the editorial process to help ensure that the website materials and tools meet the highest scientific and conservation standards.

Allen Carroll, now program manager for ArcGIS Online content, formerly chief cartographer, National Geographic Maps
Pat Comer, Chief Terrestrial Ecologist, NatureServe
Renee Kivikko
, Director of National Services, Land Trust Alliance
David Maddox, Ph.D., Sound Science LLC
Larry Master, Ph.D.
, Chief Zoologist Emeritus, NatureServe
Bruce Stein, Ph.D.
, Associate Director, Wildlife Conservation and Global Warming, National Wildlife Federation
Bruce Young, Ph.D.
, Director of Species Science, NatureServe

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LandScope America Project Team


Mary Klein, President and CEO
Lori Scott, Project Director
Dave Hauver, Software Engineer
Todd Parks, Website Developer
Whitney Weber, Spatial Data Manager
Sebastian Montes, Communications Specialist
Rickie White, Technical Content Coordinator

Technology Partners

Map viewer development by Blue Raster.

Map server technology provided by ESRI.

Basemap imagery provided by ArcGIS Online.

Website design by Navigation Arts.

Website powered by Percussion Content Management System.

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