Other North Carolina GIS Resources

NC OneMap, Geospatial Portal 

  • An essential source of geospatial and web services for NC
  • Download statewide or county data, including imagery and parcel data

ESRI ArcGIS Online

  • Link your ArcGIS desktop catalog to data server
  • National maps, apps, tools, files from GIS community


  • Download roads, municipal and county boundaries
  • Aerial and USGS topographic imagery available

 NC and SE GAP Data

  • Download land cover, landscape and environmental data/models, species distribution ranges

 Green Growth Toolbox

  • WRC program assisting communities to plan growth that will conserve natural assets
  • Download shapefiles for conservation data based on regional planning groups

NC Natural Heritage Program

  • Download shapefiles for element occurrences, managed areas, dedicated nature preserves, natural heritage natural areas, open space and conservation lands, forestry lands assessment

 US Fish and Wildlife Service GIS data

  • Download shapefiles predicting the location of native aquatic species (MaxEnt analysis) in North Carolina

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