Maryland Biological Stream Survey Sentinel Sites


This dataset identifies watersheds that support high quality, long-term monitoring sites important for understanding the effects of environmental and land use change.

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources



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The Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS), started in 1995, assesses the ecological condition of 1st through 4th order, non-tidal streams at statewide, basin and watershed scales by measuring key chemical, physical and biological parameters.  The watersheds selected for this data layer represent drainages that contain the MBSS Sentinel Site Network (SSN).  Certain stream segments within these watersheds are considered to be minimally-disturbed and located in places not likely to experience anthropogenic impacts.  Long term monitoring of these sites allows the MBSS to evaluate changes in ecological condition that are primarily attributed to seasonal and annual variations in hydrology and temperature/dissolved oxygen regimes, as well as biotic interactions.  

How to get the data layer


Kevin Coyne
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tel: 410-260-8985

How you might make use of this data layer

This data layer identifies watersheds that are important to conserve in order to preserve the integrity of the State’s Sentinel Site Network.  

How to get more information

Check out this report on the Maryland Biological Stream Survey's Sentinel Site Network

Or contact Andy Becker
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tel: 410-260-8683

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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