Invasive Species

Invasive non-native species pose a serious threat to native plants, animals, and ecological systems -- in fact, they are now regarded as the second-leading threat to imperiled species, behind only habitat destruction. Unchecked by natural controls, invasives compete with and displace native plants, animals, and other organisms and change the cycles and functions of ecological systems. 

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More About Invasive Species

  • iMapInvasives

    iMapInvasives is an online database and mapping system designed to make it easy for conservation professionals and concerned citizens to share and manage data on invasive species.

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  • An Action Plan on Invasive Species

    The National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species has identified priority policy actions related to invasive species prevention and management, outlining simple steps that can make substantial progress toward addressing animal and plant invasive species threats.

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  • Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Invasive Species

    This ELI-authored EPA report considers the interactions of climate change and aquatic invasive species, analyzing the existing scientific literature on climate change's effects on AIS and considering provisions for adapting existing state AIS management plans.

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  • Cooperative Prevention of Invasive Wildlife Introduction in Florida

    by Environmental Law Institute
    Florida and the federal government use similar laws and regulations for invasive wildlife prevention, but these provisions fail to address all known potential invasive wildlife species and are difficult to implement. This technical report by the Environmental Law Institute.

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  • Halting the Invasion in the Chesapeake Bay: Preventing Aquatic Invasive Species Introduction through Regional Cooperation

    by Environmental Law Institute
    This ELI report examines the complex issues faced in addressing the issue of aquatic invasions in the Chesapeake Bay and makes recommendations intended to harmonize regional interstate efforts to combat them.

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  • Eradicating Invasive Zebra Mussels

    by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
    Although zebra mussels affect water supply systems, power generating facilities, other industries, and a variety of wildlife species, the impacts to the Virginia's native freshwater mussels would be catastrophic if the mussels spread elsewhere.

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  • Shrubland Habitat Management - Bittersweet Success

    by Laura Mattei
    Never underestimate the determination of oriental bittersweet. That's just one of the many lessons that Sudbury Valley Trustees has learned over the past three years while restoring shrubland habitat at their Cedar Hill Reservation in Northborough, Massachusetts.

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