Sand County Foundation

Sand County Foundation

Founded in 1965, Sand County Foundation has expanded well beyond its initial role as caretaker of the Leopold Memorial Reserve , which surrounds conservationist Aldo Leopold's historic "Shack" in south-central Wisconsin (the Reserve has grown, too, from 120 to 2000 acres). 

The Foundation advises the managers of hundreds of thousands of acres of land in several countries. The Foundation works with private landholders to improve the quality of their lands through science, ethics, and incentives.

Leopold Conservation Awards

The Leopold Conservation Award recognizes landowners actively committed to living Aldo Leopold's legacy. Working with state or regional conservation partners, Sand County Foundation presents high profile awards in settings that showcase the landowners' achievements among their peers.

Leopold Conservation Awards recognize extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation, inspire other landowners through their example, and help the general public understand the vital role private landowners can and do play in conservation success.

Meet the Leopold Conservation Award Winners

2009 – Selah-Bamberger Ranch Preserve, Texas

2008 – Llano Springs Ranch, Texas

2008 – Terry Peters, Wisconsin

2008 – Pape Ranches, Wyoming

2007 – Rod and Amy Christen, Nebraska

2006 – Treadwell Brady Ranch, Texas

2006 – Barlow Ranch, Wyoming

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