Colorado Open Lands

Colorado Open Lands

Our Mission

The mission of Colorado Open Lands is to preserve the significant open lands and diminishing natural heritage of Colorado through private and public partnerships, innovative land conservation techniques, and strategic leadership.

Our Focus

Important natural area or wildlife habitat; Open space; Water resources, including wetlands; Working farms or ranchlands.

Our Staff

Full-time: 9 

Featured Projects

  • Peak to Prairie: Colorado Open Lands

    by Colorado Open Lands
    The Peak to Prairie Project is a large-scale conservation initiative led by Colorado Open Lands that focuses on key resources in El Paso, Pueblo, Lincoln and Crowley Counties.

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Operational Area and Acreage

Counties of Operation


Acres Conserved

StateTotalOwnedUnder EasementOther*

*This figure includes land that has been acquired by land trusts -- whether through purchase, donation or by another means — and subsequently has been transferred to a public agency. It also includes land protected through other methods such as negotiating and preparing for acquisition by other organizations or agencies.

Quick Facts

Colorado Open Lands
274 Union Blvd Ste 320
Lakewood, CO 80228-1836

Contact Information

Phone: (303) 988-2373
Fax: (303) 988-2383


Founded in: 1982
Alliance member since: 1988

This organization has adopted the 2004 Standards & Practices

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