McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor

Project Description

The McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor Project includes the aquisition of a perpetual conservation easement to protect important private timberlands in the narrowest and most viable linkage between the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Mountain ecosystems in northern Idaho.

Project Map

Publicly Accessible: Yes
County: Boundary County, ID

Project Sites

  • McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor

Goals and Targets

Primary Motivations:

  • Conservation Mission

Consistent With Plans:

  • Nature Conservancy Ecoregional Plan
  • State Wildlife Action Plan
  • Species Recovery Plan
  • Conservation Plan
  • Land Trust Strategic Conservation Plan

Targeted Habitats:

  • Aquatic
    • Rivers and Streams
  • Forests and Woodlands
    • Conifer Forests
  • Wetlands and Riparian Habitats
    • Forested or Shrub Wetlands and Swamps

Targeted Species:

  • American Black Bear Ursus americanus
  • Canadian Lynx Lynx canadensis
  • Elk Cervus canadensis
  • Gray Wolf Canis lupus
  • Grizzly Bear Ursus arctos horribilis
  • Moose Alces americanus
  • White-tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus
  • Wolverine Gulo gulo

Conservation Actions

Action Status Start Year End Year
Conservation easement In Progress 2008 2010
Stewardship agreement In Progress 2008 2010


Is the success of this project's actions being monitored? Yes

Monitoring Activities
Ultimately, the success for this project is the permanent protection afforded by the completed conservation easement and forest management plan. The easement will be monitored annually. There is also the potential to use technology such as remote cameras, GPS collars, and hair snares coupled with DNA analysis in the future to monitor wildlife movement within the McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor.

Quick Facts

Owning Organization


Managing Organization

The Nature Conservancy
(Non-Governmental Organization)

Contact Information

Robyn Miller
The Nature Conservancy

General Information

Project #: 4216
Last Updated: January 28, 2010

Project Relations


Idaho Department of Lands
U.S. Forest Service

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