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The effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay and its vast network of rivers, streams, and creeks has garnered national interest and attention for decades. But the unique character of the watershed--and its direct impact on millions of people--is what makes the Chesapeake's restoration and protection so critical.

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Conservation in the Chesapeake

  • Conservation Priorities

    Explore maps showing federal, state, and local priorities and representing several different conservation values throughout the Chesapeake watershed.

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  • Protected Lands

    The Chesapeake Bay Executive Order and Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement lay out an ambitious goal of protecting an additional two million acres of lands currently identified as high conservation priorities. Compiling the best-available national and state data on protected lands will allow us to accurately track progress toward that goal.

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  • Chesapeake Bay States

    The Chesapeake Bay watershed and its vast network of streams, creeks and rivers cover parts of six states.

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  • Conservation Partners

    Learn more about some of the organizations and programs working hard to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its entire watershed.

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