Desert Evening at Big Bend, by Louis Vest
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Texas Playas


Delineation of High Plains Playa lakes during mid-winter duck surveys.

Data Layer Description


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)


Texas High Plains


The playa lakes of the Texas High Plains extend from the northern Panhandle to the Trans-Pecos and Edwards Plateau. Playa lakes are shallow, flat-bottom, circular shaped ephemeral wetlands, which provide critical wildlife habitat. Playa lakes occur where inundated clay soils form seals trapping water in surficial depressions. The playa data in this coverage were derived from 1999-2001 Landsat ETM imagery and the 1998 Texas Tech Playa Lake Study ( Scale is 1:50,000.

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For more information on the dataset, contact the TPWD GIS Lab.


Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

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