Wildlife Habitat - Small Grants Program

Administering Agency

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department


For restoring, sustaining, or enhancing wildlife habitat on privately owned land.

Who Can Participate

Owners of private, municipal, corporate or other non-governmental lands can apply for funds to implement habitat-improving practices.

How it Works

The N.H. Fish and Game Department has a Small Grants Program to help landowners with a minimum of 25 acres restore or enhance habitat for wildlife. Funding of up to $2,000 per year (no more than $6,000 over a ten-year period) is available for the creation and/or maintenance of wildlife habitat within the property. Examples of projects that may qualify for funding include: brush clearing or mowing to maintain grasslands and shrub-lands; release of old apple trees; and maintenance of woodland openings. In exchange for the grant, landowners agree that their land will remain open for non-motorized public access activities, including hunting.

How to Get More Information

Contact Charlie Bridges


Visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Wildlife in New Hampshire webpage

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