Conservation License Plate Programs

Administering Agency

State Conservation Committee


The purpose of the Conservation Grant Program is to support and promote programs and partnerships throughout the state that protect, restore, and enhance the state’s valuable natural resources. These grants can be used for physical and tangible environmental projects that foster stewardship and the sustainability of New Hampshire's natural environment.

Who Can Participate

County Conservation Districts, County Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Programs, Municipalities engaged in conservation programs, schools, scout groups, and other nonprofit entities engaged in conservation programs.

How it Works

Two tiers of funding are available 1) under $5,000 and 2) $5,000 and higher. Different applications procedures are required based on these two tiers. For the second tier, $5,000 and higher, a sustainability plan, including provision for assessing the project’s long-term value and viability must be included. Also required are a description of how the proposal meets the project ranking criteria and a public awareness program that shows how the project will foster a conservation ethic and heighten public awareness of conservation issues. Funds for the Conservation Grant Program are derived from the sale of conservation license plates, or “moose plates.” Vehicle owners may voluntarily purchase conservation license plates for $38 the first year, and $30 in succeeding years. The Conservation Grant Program is one way that the voluntary contributions result in improved natural resource conservation in New Hampshire.

How to Get More Information

Contact Dea Brickner-Wood


Visit New Hampshire's Conservation Grant Program page

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