Birding and Wildlife Trails

Birding and Wildlife Trails

From Louisiana’s bayous to the Kansas prairies and beyond, the ultimate treasure hunt is underway. Maybe it’s the flash of movement that catches your eye as a Great Blue Heron thrusts its head into the water after an unsuspecting fish, or the brilliant yellow breast of a Western Meadowlark sparkling in the sun. With binoculars in hand and a map in your pocket, wildlife and birding trails offer the promise of new adventure.

Texas was the first state to establish an official birding trail, mapping a route that connects some of the state’s best wildlife viewing areas along the Gulf Coast. Today, more than 35 states have followed suit, creating a series of drivable paths and loops across country. These trails attract visitors and local nature enthusiasts, supporting an eco-tourism industry that ultimately encourages communities to conserve wildlife and habitat. For the recreationist, wildlife and birding trails offer a view of some of nature’s most precious jewels. Many states provide maps and information on-line, making it easy to get out and explore—whether you’re an experienced birder or a fledgling just leaving the nest.

Featured Trails

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