Atlantic Coastal Plain Streamhead Seepage Swamp, Pocosin, and Baygall

This ecological system encompasses seepage-fed wetlands in dissected Atlantic Coastal Plain landscapes, from southeastern Virginia to northeastern Florida. Examples are usually associated with ravines or are found along headwater streams. Overbank flooding is a negligible influence; seepage may keep the soils saturated for much of the year. Vegetation consists of open woodland to closed forest of acidic-tolerant wetland hardwood trees (sweetbay and swamp blackgum are typical) or pond pine. Generally there is a dense shrub layer consisting primarily of species shared with Atlantic Coastal Plain Peatland Pocosin and Canebrake, including inkberry, fetterbush, staggerbush, littleleaf titi, big gallberry, and honeycups. Wildland fires may burn through these riparian habitats. For more information, see NatureServe Explorer.

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