Atlantic Coastal Plain Xeric River Dune

This ecological system encompasses a range of vegetation present on inland sand dunes of the coastal plain of Georgia. These dunes are associated with certain rivers, such as the Ohoopee and Canoochee. The sandy soils are deep, coarse, and very dry in nature. The vegetation consists of a mixture of species from other dry habitats in the coastal plain, including longleaf pine - turkey oak communities and scrub communities (similar to those found in inland Florida). Some stands are dominated by Florida rosemary and woody-goldenrod. This system is distinguished from more typical dry sandhills of the coastal plain by its occurrence on the deep sands of river dunes. In addition, this environment is naturally topographically isolated and consequently has a lower frequenty of fire than other upland systems of which longleaf pine is a component. For more information, see NatureServe Explorer.

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