Acadian Maritime Bog

These distinctive bogs occur along the North Atlantic Coast from downeast Maine east into the Canadian Maritimes. They usually form in basins, where they develop raised plateaus with undulating sedge and dwarf-shrub vegetation. They may also occur as "blanket bogs" over a sloping rocky substrate in extreme maritime settings; here, dwarf-shrubs and peatmosses are the dominant cover. Species characteristic of this maritime setting include crowberry and baked-apple berry. Typical bog heaths such as sheep laurel, bog laurel, huckleberry, and Labrador-tea are also present. Deerhair bulrush, a low sedge, can form extensive lawns that are reminiscent of subalpine settings. Peatland morphology and certain coastal species distinguish these from more inland raised bogs. The distribution is primarily Canadian, and these peatlands are rare in the U.S. For more information, see NatureServe Explorer.

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