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King County, Washington, hired The Trust for Public Land (TPL) to translate community goals into a parcel-specific land acquisition strategy using TPL’s state-of-the-art GIS modeling technology. County planners now use this Greenprint to rank potential acquisitions based on a wide variety of criteria, such as proximity to existing parks and trails and wildlife conservation potential.

Project Highlights

King County is home to over 1.8 million residents and covers 2,130 square miles—an area the size of Delaware—from the lush evergreen forests of the Cascade Mountains in the east to the rapidly urbanizing shores of Puget Sound in the west.   The county is rich in natural resources—farm and forestland, marine shoreline, rivers, streams, lakes, and open space—that are increasingly threatened by the pressures and demands of a growing population.

TPL worked with county experts to develop a customized, interactive GIS-based decision-making tool—the Greenprint—that  allows the county to target its limited resources to the most critical lands.


  • Based on the Greenprint, the county identified the site for a flood mitigation project.  Having acquired the site for the county, TPL is now helping the county demolish the existing structure and develop a restoration and stewardship plan for the site.
  • In 2007, TPL will conduct follow-up outreach with cities throughout King County to share city-specific Greenprint results and discuss strategies for achieving conservation goals.
  • King County would like to renew its parks and open space levy in 2007. The Greenprint model will play a key role in prioritizing lands for acquisition using levy funds. 
  • The county continues to use and refine the Greenprint model to meet changing needs.

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Greenprint for King County: A Model for Conservation

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