Conserving Vital Habitat for Priority Fish and Wildlife by Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Washington’s wildlife action plan prioritizes landscapes for conservation purchases to forestall development that destroys critical wildlife habitat. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and several partners purchased three areas that will benefit many wildlife species of greatest conservation need. Acquisition of the Methow River Watershed in the Okanogan Highlands conserves over 20,000 acres for 40 priority species, including the state’s largest migratory mule deer herd. 

Over 60 wildlife species benefit from the 38,000-acre I-90 Wildlife Corridor, including the priority species bull trout, northern spotted owl, bald eagle, marbled murrelet, gray wolf, and Canada lynx. The Tieton River Canyon acquisition has become a broad partnership that promotes fire as a restoration tool on dry forests, and conserves nearly 8 miles of the Tieton River and adjacent rare and threatened habitats. As Washington’s communities grow, these protected areas will conserve wildlife and their habitat for future generations.

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