Building the Beast

Don't let the inactivity of the blog fool you -- we've been busy through the holidays putting lots of pieces in place, from the partnerships that will make it possible to achieve our goals for LandScope America to the actual work of implementing the first incremental versions of the site we'll launch at year's end.

One of the most exciting developments is, well, development. It's great to report that the wraps will be removed on a first prototype of the map viewer very soon. Sorry -- it's for team members only at this point! But the rest of you will get to see it soon enough. This next step is being driven by the need to share a brief demo in road-show fashion at each of this spring's upcoming Land Trust Alliance regional conferences -- and the first one's just six weeks away.

Meanwhile, our partnership with the Alliance continues to unfold, and we're putting the finishing touches on a short list of land trusts from our pilot states who we plan to invite as "inaugural" LandScope partners. This has me particularly amped up, as it means we're getting down to the business of storytelling. I've been developing some multimedia storyboards and outlines -- but I'll hold the details for another day very soon. 

- Kyle Copas

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