LandScope Washington Team

What an exciting opportunity!  A little daunting too.  We’ve been looking for a way to connect with more regional and local conservation efforts.  To get the Natural Heritage Program’s information system, the expertise of the staff, our conservation priorities, into the hands of land trusts, conservation districts, landowners, “Friends of…” groups.  There’s a lot of great conservation action happening in Washington.  We’re lucky to be able, through this project, to offer the groups and individuals involved in local and regional conservation efforts a bigger platform on which to tell their stories.  This project will help raise the profile of these efforts; it’ll get people excited about what they can do within their landscapes.  

The timing in Washington is great for LandScope America and LandScope Washington.  The Washington Biodiversity Council is just a couple of months away from delivering a 30-year strategy for the conservation of our state’s biodiversity.  The idea behind LandScope America – to inspire local conservation effort – is a great fit with the expected 30-year strategy. Provide people with information, inspire them to take action, create connections for greater collaborative efforts to sustain our biodiversity.

About the photo:  One of the members of LandScope Washington’s team hard at work within the South Puget Prairie Landscape.

- LandScope Washington Team

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