Today's recap, by the numbers

6 days before the preview site launch, we were privileged to have 11 project advisors come together to learn about our progress to date and lend their expertise to the effort.  We had a full day of very productive discussions on topics ranging from the design direction for the website, ideas for a national conservation wall map, strategies for engaging our target audiences, and recommendations for sustaining the site over the long term.  Our advisory committee represented 2 corporations, 2 universities, 3 national NGOs, and 3 foundations.  Balancing out the meeting were an equal number of team members representing the various components of the project - from editorial, outreach, mapping, web design, and project management.  By the end of the day it was clear that this group takes the business of conservation seriously, and I for one am very glad to be in business with them. 

- Lori Scott

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