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Today’s focus on Nature Conservancy data

The technical content team is very excited to be working with The Nature Conservancy to attempt to portray their ecoregional planning data nationally.  When completed, this joint effort between TNC and NatureServe will be the FIRST TIME that users will be able to see and access all of the conservation area data in one place.

But first there are a number of hoops through which we need to jump.  We are working with TNC state programs and heritage programs to fully understand any data sensitivity issues that might arise from allowing users to look at fine scale conservation area data.  In addition, TNC is still undergoing the process of fully “rolling up” the data nationally and the final display of the national map with all of the attribute data is contingent on that roll-up.

Still, there is a sense amongst the joint TNC-NatureServe team that this is an exciting new development that will lead to further collaboration between the two organizations on technical data in the near future.


- Rickie White

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