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Salmon Recovery Funding Board

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) administers state and federal funds for salmon recovery efforts. The Board provides funds in the form of competitive grants for salmon habitat protection and restoration projects.

Grant funding may be used for protection (i.e., acquisition of property or conservation easements), restoration (in-stream passage, in-stream diversions, plantings, dike removal, road abandonment, slope stabilization, etc.) and enhancement of upland, riparian, estuarine, marine nearshore, and in-stream habitats. Funds may also be used for associated activities such as assessments, studies, engineering design, and monitoring.

Tribal, state, and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private landowners are eligible for grants. To receive funding, projects must be evaluated by a lead entity and submitted to the Board as part of the lead entity’s prioritized list of projects. Protection and restoration projects must have a stewardship plan. Project sponsors must also implement an agreement with property owners of sites slated for protection/restoration. Properties acquired for habitat protection must be retained in perpetuity.


Lead entity: A lead entity represents the community (within a watershed) on salmon recovery efforts at the local government level.

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