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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance may include help with developing conservation plans, applying for permits or programs, and understanding regulations.

The following supply the most far-reaching technical assistance programs in the state.

Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts distribute information on the Farm Bill programs and other financial incentives. Staff of the 48 districts provide technical advice and assistance on the design and implementation of conservation projects. Activities are coordinated by the Washington Conservation Commission.

NRCS Technical Assistance

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides on-the-ground technical assistance that can help inventory natural resources and apply conservation practices to protect and enhance those resources. The main directive of the NRCS is to provide technical assistance to landowners, groups, organizations, tribes, and local and state government for the purpose of conserving and managing soil, water, and natural resources.

Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Washington State University Cooperative Extension has offices in all 39 counties. Faculty conduct education programs that include topics in agriculture and natural resources. Conservation oriented programs include agricultural best management practices, the role of wetlands in water quality, wildlife and fisheries management, and forestry and rangeland management.

Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs)

Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups work to recover salmon in their own communities across the state. The 14 RFEGs create partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies; Native American tribes; local businesses; community members; and landowners. RFEGs help with restoration, education and monitoring projects.

Conservation and land trust organizations

Numerous organizations in Washington provide technical assistance and education for biodiversity conservation. Most Washington State land trusts are members of the Land Trust Alliance.

Local governments and private organizations may also supply technical assistance.

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