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Species Lists for Washington

There is not one complete list of all the species in the state of Washington.  Here is a list of lists that include various subsets of our enormous biodiversity.

The Washington Natural Heritage Program has a
list of all vertebrates and selected invertebrates.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
lists animal Species of Concern.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
lists 35 animals and 9 plants from Washington.

The Washington Natural Heritage Program has a
list of rare vascular plants
as well as  lists of rare non-vascular plants:




The Washington Flora Checklist includes a
list of all vascular plants in the state.

The Washington Native Plant Society has
native plant lists by county and for specific sites.

The USDA PLANTS Database includes
downloadable State PLANTS Checklists
and customizable lists (selected counties, taxonomic groups, etc.)

Endemic to Washington

  • Only in Washington

    Some plants and animals are found only in Washington state. Here we list those vertebrate animals and higher plants.

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