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Blue Mountains Wildlife

A range of mammals, large and small, find home in the Blue Mountains. Ungulates, like mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk, omnivores like black bear, coyotes, and raccoons, and predators like cougars make use of the ecoregion’s forests and river valleys.

Snags in the dry forest supply habitat to cavity nesters, such as bluebirds, chickadees, and woodpeckers. Steep cliff faces and rocky slopes attract raptors, including the golden eagle.

Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, and steelhead trout make runs in the Grande Ronde and Snake Rivers, though in substantially fewer numbers than historically. Rivers also support resident populations of rainbow and bull trout.

Animal Group

Approx. number of species
Reptiles and amphibians
Dragonflies and damselflies
Other insects
Yet to be determined
Other invertebrates
Yet to be determined


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