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Cascade Peaks

Residents and visitors alike identify Mount Rainier with the State of Washington. The ecosystems around the mountain include rocky alpine slopes and ridges, subalpine meadows, lakes, forests with towering trees, waterfalls, and streams and rivers. 

Similar habitats occur on the other volcanic peaks in Washington: Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, and Mount Adams. Of course, Mount St. Helens used to feature this same suite of ecosystem types. Today, Mount St. Helens offers the opportunity to see firsthand a major geologic event followed by the recovery of the mountain’s ecosystems.

Ecological Systems of the Cascade Peaks

North Pacific Alpine and Subalpine Bedrock and Scree

North Pacific Volcanic Rock and Cinder Land

North Pacific Alpine and Subalpine Dry Grassland

North Pacific Dry and Mesic Alpine Dwarf-Shrubland, Fell-Field and Meadow

North Pacific Maritime Mesic Subalpine Parkland

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