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VaULT - Virginia's United Land Trusts

Virginia’s United Land Trusts (VaULT) serves as the statewide umbrella organization representing about 30 private, non-profit organizations working to conserve Virginia’s natural, cultural, historic, scenic and recreational resources and working forests and farmlands.

Prompted by the challenge of protecting 20% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 2010, VaULT initiated a visioning and planning process in 2001 to develop a statewide strategy for achieving this ambitious land conservation goal. In June 2001 VaULT co-hosted a visioning conference with the Virginia Department of Forestry to identify what systems and resources must be in place to not only meet the Chesapeake Bay watershed goal, but to protect significant natural and cultural resources throughout the Commonwealth. 

In 2007, VaULT hosted its first annual statewide land trust conference. The annual conferences have continued with great success. They provide a venue for land trusts, local programs and state agencies to share land conservation lessons learned, foster coordination and communication among land trusts, and promote continued statewide efforts. 

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