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Virginia Land Conservation Fund (VLCF)

Administering Agency

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation


To provide state grants used to conserve certain categories of special land including open spaces and parks, natural areas, historic areas, and farmland and forest preservation.

Who Can Participate

Applications can be submitted by agencies, localities, public bodies, and registered (tax-exempt) nonprofit organizations in accordance with application procedures.

How it Works

There are four application categories, and each has a particular set of criteria. The four categories are 1) Open Spaces and Parks, 2) Natural Area Protection, 3) Historic Area Preservation, and 4) Farmlands and Forest Preservation. Funds from the foundation are used to establish permanent conservation easements and to purchase open spaces and parklands, lands of historic or cultural significance, farmlands and forests, and natural areas.

A portion of the fund may be used for developing properties for public use. Grants used for acquisition are generally used only for current projects; only in exceptional cases - where considerable public benefit and compelling, unusual financial need and circumstances have been shown - might grants be made for already complete purchases.

The foundation establishes, administers, and manages the Virginia Land Conservation Fund, which is special, non-reverting money in the state treasury. A major function of the foundation is to make matching grants to holders and public bodies for:

•      lands for recreational purposes

•      lands for threatened or endangered species, fish and wildlife habitat

•      natural areas

•      and agricultural and forested lands and open space.

The VLCF leverages federal and local investment, paying up to 50 percent of total project costs pursuant to specific criteria defined in each application category.  

How to Get More Information

Contact Sarah Richardson

(804) 225-2048

Visit the Virginia Land Conservation Fund homepage

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