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Programs and Resources

Virginia offers numerous statewide and local programs and resources to promote conservation and to support the conservation community. 

Resources and Programs in Virginia

  • VaULT - Virginia's United Land Trusts

    Virginia's United Land Trusts (VaULT) serves as the statewide umbrella organization representing about 30 private, non-profit organizations working to conserve Virginia's natural, cultural, historic, scenic and recreational resources and working forests and farmlands.

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  • Virginia DGIF Watchable Wildlife

    Watchable Wildlife enhances, elevates, and promotes wildlife viewing and nature appreciation for the benefit of society, while building community awareness, understanding, and support for the conservation of the wildlife and habitats upon which these activities depend.

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  • Virginia DGIF Birding and Wildlife Trail

    The Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail -- the first statewide program of its kind in the United States -- celebrates the diverse species and habitats native to the Commonwealth, using existing highways, scenic byways, and historic trails to link birding and wildlife watching sites throughout Virginia.

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  • Virginia DGIF Technical Assistance

    Many landowners and Birding and Wildlife Trail site managers request information on enhancing their properties for wildlife viewing or for welcoming wildlife viewing enthusiasts. Watchable Wildlife Program staff can provide landowners with technical assistance in developing facilities for wildlife viewing, as well as improving existing habitat. In addition to this, staff can work with planners and economic development personnel to provide guidance on wildlife smart development and preserving and enhancing greenspace.

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Resources for Conservation Planning

Quick Facts

Virginia DCR - Natural Heritage Program
600 East Main Street; 24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Contact Information

Phone: (804) 786-7951
Fax: (804) 371-2674


Founded in: 1986

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