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Virginia Natural Heritage Plan

The Virginia Natural Heritage Program identifies, monitors and protects thousands of occurrences of rare plant and animal species and exemplary natural community types through ongoing field work, research, stewardship and land protection. This work is captured in the Natural Heritage Plan, which dynamically tells the story of Virginia’s natural history; how rare plants and animals are linked with the state’s natural communities and ecosystems, as well how they are harbored in its ecoregions and conservation lands network.  

The Plan provides a comprehensive body of practical knowledge for leading tangible conservation action from local to state levels, to assure that our rich and unique Natural Heritage stays that way.

Download the Virginia Natural Heritage Plan: Virginia's Precious Heritage

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Quick Facts

Virginia DCR - Natural Heritage Program
600 East Main Street; 24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

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Phone: (804) 786-7951
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Founded in: 1986

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