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Featured Plants in Virgina

Featured Plants in Virginia

  • Carolina Hemlock

    Carolina hemlock is an Appalachian endemic with a very limited range, scattered in the Southern Blue Ridge and occasional in the Piedmont and Ridge and Valley and is highly threatened by the hemlock woolly adelgid. This hemlock occurs in a variety of landscapes ranging from xeric ridgelines to gorges.

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  • Smooth Coneflower

    Before the arrival of Europeans, the smooth coneflower thrived in oak savanna openings where its growth conditions were maintained by fire or grazing. Today, its most available habitat often occurs in powerline rights-of-way and roadsides, where it is subject to harm by frequent mowing or use of herbicides.

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  • Peter's Mountain mallow

    The Peter's Mountain mallow is one of eight species of the genus Iliamna in North America. Six are found in western North America and two are found isolated in the East. Only one occurrence of this federally endangered mallow is known, in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.

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  • Shale-Barren Rockcress

    Shale-barren rockcress is an imperiled plant that occurs sporadically in just a few counties of Virginia and West Virginia. Fewer than 60 populations reside in the wide-open shale barrens it requires.

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