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The Nature Conservancy in Virginia

How We Work

The Nature Conservancy uses a range of conservation methods tailored to local needs. We buy land. We help willing landowners manage their properties. We collaborate with like-minded organizations. We facilitate public-private partnerships. We achieve lasting conservation by encouraging ecologically sound legislative action, working with public agencies on conservation planning and using voluntary land preservation tools. Employing these approaches, we preserve the diversity of life on Earth for future generations.

Where We Work 

The Nature Conservancy has protected more than 220,000 acres of land in the Clinch Valley, Roanoke Headwaters, Virginia Coast Reserve, Piedmont, Allegheny Highlands, Green Sea and Southern Rivers.

The Urgency

Development surges in Virginia, especially in pristine, once-remote areas. The need for action is urgent. Since 1992, nearly 400,000 acres of forests have vanished. Half of the Chesapeake Bay's forested shorelines, most of its wetlands, nearly 70% of its underwater grasses and more than 98 percent of its oyster population has disappeared- primarily in the last century.

Quick Facts

The Nature Conservancy in Virginia
490 Westfield Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Contact Information

Phone: (434) 295-6106

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